Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Quotes from Guru Dev

There is a Divine Love, which is the very source, the very center, of all other types of love...Every cell of our being reverberates with that essence of Love, that Love which can transcend all the limitations and still grow

Longing, the pain of separation, increases the love in you. That increases the prayerfulness in you

Gratefulness purifies your system

Celibacy is a happening. When you feel that joy is with you all 24 hours then you lose interest in an act to get joy. It is a happening, it's not something forced or suppressed. We either know to just completely be into sex, always going into it, or we know to suppress it completely. But transcending is going beyond that, and that happens with more awareness

Beauty has no utility, because beauty is not a "means," it is an end in itself. All that is useful in life is only a means. All that is useless, is an end in itself. Do you see that? What is the use of being in love?

You are that Longing that you have for me. You are that Love you have for me. You *are* That. Be with That

Divine Love is when you transcend the knowledge, when you don't care -- say we are sitting here, even if I don't say a word, if it's okay for you just to be sitting

Tonight, when you go to sleep, feel your whole body. As you start feeling your body, you'll see you are not the body. You are a glow, you are consciousness. You are that scintillating energy, sparkling energy in the whole body.

The taste of that surrender will make your life worth living. Without that, you may be a king, you may be a president, you may be a millionaire, you may have all the pleasures in the world-still, you are poor; still, your life is not worth breathing

The Divine rejoices in your being happy. God, or the Creation, is so happy when you are happy.When you dance, sing, and jump up and down happily, that is true prayer, that is true meditation. Meditation is a fountain of joy, an ecstacy; and Divine enjoys that more. Divine is not fond of your suffering

Competition destroys creativity; but you have been told the other way around. People have always told you that you have to be competitive, that you should win over the competition, otherwise you can't survive. No -- if you want to be creative, you shouldn't be competitive

When you are longing for a pleasure, ...the longing for it brings a bondage. And liberation, or enlightenment, Nirvana, all that, is to take off the bondage, to be free from any bondage. But [for] one to whom even Nirvana doesn't appeal... in that heart Love blossoms fully: "I am yours, you use me how you want.

If you could give yourself, then your needs will all be taken care of, more than it is needed. That is called "sidhi" -- whatever is needed comes before it is needed

If someone is beautiful, that beauty is bestowed by the Divine, it belongs to the Divine. If someone is educated, that knowledge is bestowed by the Divine. Someone is doing some good or bad actions, those actions are from the Divine

Offer the desires that have already arisen in you, then also you'll become peaceful and happy -- instantaneously

Desire and ambition suppressed, fermented, become anger. Like milk becomes yogurt, desire ferments and becomes anger. And when you cannot show anger, or even if you have shown anger, the anger gets fermented and becomes passion, attachment -- that's called "mohaa." "Mohaa" means you are attached to somebody in spite of all your misery

When there is Love, there is no ego; ego dissolves like the dew drops with the sun.

Behind every misery, there is a hope. The fuel for miserable people is hope. Foreseeing happiness sometime in the future, makes one miserable right now. Having desire for some pleasure in the future, either in the world or in heaven, one misses the boat

Every experience, when it is over done, every sense, brings nausea. Craving turns into aversion. And aversion continues, then it turns into craving. With this feverishness of aversion and craving the mind gets clogged, closed---it's unable to see the light deep within.

If there is love, there is bound to be longing; and if there is longing, know that there is love. Attend to the sensation in your body, attend to that; attend to the root of desire: that ambition, that craving.

The purpose of every practise -- spiritual practise, meditation, breathing techniques, and kriya, all this -- is to uncover something that blocks the expression of Divine Love.

Attend to every part of your body with honor-all feverishness will be transformed into love.

Do not judge. Just look at yourself -- how many flaws you have. And Nature, the Divine, has accepted you with all your flaws... It doesn't judge you at all.

In fact surrender is a joke. You have nothing to surrender. Everything is anyway belonging to the Divine. And if you "have" something, what is it that you have? But if you think you have something, the enlightened say, "Okay, you surrender it." It makes your mind free

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