Sunday, August 29, 2010

what is Yogakshema?

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Your questions.. Sri Sri answers..

Q: Guruji what is Yogakshema?

Sri: Yog means to get. And kshema means to preserve what you got.
Kshema means to save. We say, He had a yog to get fame. That is not
enough. You need to get the Kshema to save it, to keep it up. That is
Kshema. Do you see what I am saying? For example you have the yog to
get a house, to buy a car. When you got it, to keep it up is your
Kshema. To save or to maintain well what you have got by Yog is Kshema.
Krishna says, The one who is always thinking about me, I'll take care
of both his yog, and kshema. He says, The one who has nothing but me in
their mind are sure to have both the Yog and Kshema from me. Such a man
whose focus is only on me and me alone, I take care. But one who is
neither here nor there; who does little bit of spiritual shopping here
and there, Krishna says, then you take care of your self! 

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