Saturday, January 1, 2011

Self confidence and Success - Sri Sri

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Today we do not instill confidence and commitment in our youth. That is the main reason for poverty. So the youth keep blaming someone or the other, the government, the people, their parents or someone else. They don't take responsibility for themselves. That makes them weak and they become dependent. And when there is so much dependence on everything around, there cannot be happiness or comfort. 
So youth, wake up! You need not be bogged down by commitments. Have confidence, faith. At the same time, keep an open mind. Don't get stuck miserably.A few minutes of quiet meditation, a few minutes of deep relaxation, a few minutes of singing from your heart will help you get through your commitments successfully. 
What is Success?
There is so much talk about success everywhere. Everyone wants to be successful. Have you ever thought about what success is? It's simply ignorance about one's capabilities. Success is ignorance about the power of the self because you assume you can do only that much. So you have set a limitation to your self and whenever you cross your own boundary or limitation, you claim success. 
You never say, ``I successfully ate a banana!'' When you put a limitation, then you are limiting the power of your own self, your own consciousness. Every time you achieve something, you feel proud about it, isn't it? Actually, you should feel sorry about it. You are just proud about what you can easily do because you do not know you can do much more than what you are proud of. When you are successful, you are proud of it, and if you fail - you feel guilty and upset. Both can drag you out of your joy, out of the greater potentiality that you possess. 
So the best thing is to surrender to the divine. If you are successful, so what? It is another happening, another thing that you did, and you can do much more. And if you couldn't do something well, then, you couldn't do it, that's all. This moment, do you wish to do it again? Then have that Sankalpa, the intention - ``I have to do it!'' Then you will make good progress in that direction, without feeling guilty, or being judgmental. 

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