Saturday, January 22, 2011

SAYING - jai gurudev

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Jai Gurudev!!!
! -- No other word or phrase in any language can be used as extensively as our good old Jai Gurudev!. This is a something for all seasons, all places, all times, all moods, all people. A little change in the intonation, rhythm, or the pitch can create a subtle and powerful effect on the environment with a simple Jai Gurudev! (no, i am not talking of So Hum)
! -- Traditionally it means Glory to Gurudev (same as our Big Mind or the Higher Self), or Victory to that quality (tattva) in me which is Vast and All knowing and yet simple and playful, Intelligent yet innocent, mysterious yet full of mischief.
! -- In our Organisation with people from 109 nationalities, with such a wide spectrum of religion, caste, colors and languages, Life is made simple by a modest Jai Gurudev.
! -- Instead of the superflous "Hi, Howdy, How are U?" which most of the times we dont even mean(our Question turns into a Wonder for the other person "Amazing!!! How predictabley she keeps asking me when she does not even have the time to listen. Wow!!), here a Jai Gurudev suffices(good if you mean it, or just an utterance is good enough)
! -- Instead of "hope this letter/mail finds you in good health and best of spirits" a Jai Gurudev would mean "I am damn sure this will find you in good health and the most melodious of moods and the best of spirits... and if not, then reading this will surely make you so!". So Compact!
! -- When someone calls you, and you dont know whether that person is having a afternoon, or evening, or to say good morning/Namaste/wale-kum-salaam/sasre-akal/ shalom or what have you; a Jai Gurudev comes to rescue!
! -- A baby boy is born -- Jai Gurudev
! -- A baby girl is born -- Jai Gurudev (maybe Jai Gurudevi)
! -- A water spills over or someone kicks the bucket -- Jaiiiiiiiiiiii gurudev
! -- Member to a new account(hotmail, yahoo, AOL,, remember password Jai Gurudev(very dangerous!!) (mine is Zai Gurudev, no one has cracked that
! -- Waiting for your exam/interview results -- jai gurudev, jai gurdev, jai gurudev...
! -- tring tring, wrong number, right number -- Jai Gurudev
! -- Cant get a taxi -- jai Gurudev
! -- Want the rain to stop/start -- jai gurudev
! -- Driving on an interstate with fuel needle tantalisingly close to empty -- 'a bell rings in the mind "your fuel tank is holllllllow and emmmpty" -- JAI GURUDEV!!!
! -- You are struck by car, wall, lightning -- ahhhhhh;-( jai gurudev
! -- You are wonderstruck -- aha;-) jai gurudev
! -- you accidently hit the delete button and went a step further and said yes(having recently done the DSN) -- (here knowledge helps - i am not the doer, the button pushing is happening to me! What else to say... Jai Gurudev)
! -- The whole world is getting pulled from under your feet, or you feel the burden of the whole world on Top of you -- Jai Gurudev
! -- someone's angry -- "i dont want to talk to u, get lost, Jai Gurudev" (If aimed at you, know that it wont last longer, the anger i mean)
! -- sorry/thankyou/please -- jaigurudev
! -- you are in love -- jai gurudev
! -- you are out of love -- jai..., wait a minute, that's not possible, ask Guruji
! -- Tears of sorrow are turning to tears of gratefulness -- jai gurudev
! -- end of a beauutiful/horrible day/week/year -- jai gurudev
! -- beginning of a new one -- jai gurudev
! -- Beginning of eating food -- Jai Gurudev (the grace), end of food (Jai Gurudev: same as Ganesha Sharanam, only place where Ganesha is remembered at the end of an act)
! -- Short circles, oh nooo, oh yes, yess, yessss, yesssssss, oh my god, oh MY God, OH MY GOD........... haaaaaaaaaaaa, Jai Gurudev! (Bhramhacharis, skip this one)
Its a word
its a phrase
Its a sentence
Its a story
It is a wish
Its prayer
It is a blessing
! -- Then, there are the variations American Jai Gurudave, the spanish, the german, rest-of-the-european jai gurudev, russian, Japenese, taiwanese jai guludev, Australian one(which i just noticed), the marathi(jai gurudeo), gujrati one(Jai Guruuuuu Devvvvvv), the Bangla or the siddhapa one(Joy Gurudev), the punjaaaaaabbbbi one and so on..... (outlets for the Japenese, Mongolian, Hindi and the german versions(by now) contact Raghu Raja Raja and for the rest, laugh away to glory with Vikram) Not heard of a pakistani version yet, it could well be Zia-a-gurudev.
Like a fool i thought before the art of living, that only one other four-lettered word in the English language has this kind of powerful, potent, loaded, multi-functional usage, but now i know better, it dosent come remotely close to our jai gurudev.
btw, i forgot what's that word, s o m e t h i n g with F---(hehehehe, you thought of it, you thought of it!!! Now that's a mistake, so what if it is just at the thought level, no use saying Sorry, just Go and listen to this week's knowledge sheet)
haaaaaaaaaa, jai gurudev (ah ah, someone's listeningg). Got to go. Time for Sadhana
Jai Gurudeva!!!(thats bawa, incase you were missing him in my mail)
Lots of Love
Haaaaaa, Jai Gurudev !!! --- Sri Sri
PS: I am sure before long, the US president with begin and end his speeches with jai gurudev. TV talk show hosts and Newsreaders will say, "so see u in a moment, after the break, Jai Gurudev". Sports commenters will go goalgoalgoal goooooooooooooooooooooooal, that was absolutely a jai gurudev goal. And "Oh my god, Jai GuruDev the olympic and world record is broken by .01 sec". The next person to step on the moon or mars with greet the souls hanging around there with you know what, JAI GURUDEV!
joy gurudeva

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