Monday, September 26, 2011

Daily Sutras :9/25/11

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Jai Guru Dev Beloved Divine Friends

Actions & Result
The way you act, God awards the fruit of the action accordingly. If you steal,
God will come to you as a policeman. Your actions, good or bad, decide your
experience of joy and sorrow. Joy and sorrow are the outcomes of your
discretion; it depends on your discretion in performing actions. It is ok if you
drink one glass of milk. But what happens if you drink three kilos of milk?
Without the use of discretion, nectar can turn to be poison.

One Divinity
These are different names for the one Divinity. Like you wear a different dress
every day. Today you are wearing black, tomorrow you will wear something else.
Even when you change your dress tomorrow, you will remain the same, right? Same
way whatever names and forms, it is the same Divine.

When you are in action, don’t get into this philosophy of doership or
non-doership else the mind gets confused. When you act, you act hundred per
cent. When you are acting hundred per cent, suddenly you will realize I am not
doing, it is all happening. Non- doership is an experience; it is not something
you try to do or achieve.

Shiv Tattva
Mind means moods, thoughts, opinions, ideas, all these things that we collect.
And, no mind is meditation. Dawn and dusk are considered very good for
mediation. So, whenever you meditate, or whenever the bad time is there, you
meditate. When you meditate you go off the influence of the mind and go into the
self. The self is Shiva tatva. Shiva tatva means, always benevolent, caring,
loving, uplifing. That consciousness deep within you which is caring, loving,
uplifting and benevolent, will nullify the negative influences of the mind and
the time

Know that you have abundance of grace with you, and God is your very own.
Satsang is the charger and Seva is the sim card. What happens with Seva? When
you do Seva, you gain blessings and those blessings add strength to your life.
And then Sadhana(Practices)? What is Sadhana – That which makes you establish
connection with the Self, with the Divine, that infinite power can be
experienced through Sadhana.

With Warm Regards
Lakshmi Narayanan

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