Thursday, October 27, 2011

Can I trust my instincts? If I could I would have sent this mail two days early!!!

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Q: I am in a dilemma…There are times when I want to instinctively do things but my analytical mind jumps in and starts analyzing. So, there is more thinking than actually implementing. Being more specific, like wanting to dance when u feel like and not doing it because of what people may think. Being even more specific, I have been placed in a firm and have a months time after exams before I start work, I want to ask for an extension because I want to go on a Himalayan trek for 15 days, and want to do seva in the ashram for 15 days and spend time with my grandparents. But my analytical mind is holding me back!!!! Can I trust my instincts? If I could I would have sent this mail two days early!!!
Sri Sri: Yup trust your instincts. And dance and sing and laugh and cry when you want to. Life is too short to bother about what other people may think.

Q: In my country most people are of opinion that you can’t raise a child without non - vegetarian diet for in that case body will lack in amino acids and brain won’t function properly. What should I do?
Sri Sri: Ample research has been done to the contrary of this theory. Look into that. There are millions of people who are vegetarian in the west and they are very brilliant. In fact most of the genius people in west including Einstein were vegetarian. Many of the top scientists like Novel Lorex have been vegetarian. This theory that brain doesn’t work need to be questioned big time

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