Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Q: How can I become more disciplined?

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Q: How can I become more disciplined?
Sri Sri: Why do you want to be disciplined? It will make you happier? It will improve your fitness or health? So, it is the love for being in shape or the fear of becoming unhealthy that will keep you disciplined. Love, fear and greed bring discipline. If someone says, you will get $1 million for being disciplined in your life, that will make you so.
Q: Is there a higher purpose to art?
Sri Sri: There is no purpose to art. It is an expression of happiness. For the onlooker, art brings a sort of solace and comfort. For the creator, it is just an expression.
Q: I always run into obstacles when there is something I really want to achieve. What should I do?
Sri Sri: Whatever intention you put, that will manifest. Do not label yourself. There should be no “always.” Accept that you are unaware of your own potentiality. You may think you always have some difficulty, but thinking so is what points the intention in a negative direction. Just know that whatever you want will happen.
Q: How do I break the cycle of feeling victimized whenever I go through difficulties?
Sri Sri: You have already broken it the moment you realize the pattern. You realize it is your own mind’s making and that it has happened over and over again. This realization will come in its own time. And when this happens, be happy and grateful. Imagine where you were five or ten years back. How have you changed? How much better it has become since then. Put your attention on this. The more we are grateful, the more grace we will have in our life. The first step to fun is relaxation. What tires you is anxiety and ambition for tomorrow. The anger and hatred of yesterday are also clogging our mind. In the same way feverishness pulls down our enthusiasm. In deep relaxation, you will find everything funny.
Q: How does one deal with the loss of a loved one?
Sri Sri: When a dear one is lost, just bear it. Be with that moment. Let time take you out of it. There is no “dealing” with this. Just be in the knowledge.

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