Monday, October 24, 2011

Q: How to increase intelligence and how to be more creative?

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Q: How to increase intelligence and how to be more creative?
Sri Sri: To increase intelligence, you need to observe some silence. Silence is the mother of all invention. Silence is the basis of intelligence. Take out few moments and observe some silence. Time to time, silence will increase all our ability. Our senses will become sharp, mind becomes more alert. You become more intelligent, you are aware about what you are speaking, and your intuition becomes so much better.
Q: I find the past very painful.
Sri Sri: The past should be viewed as destiny. If you think you had a choice in the past, the present will be spoiled because you regret the past. Continued regret about the past creates a lot of toxins in the body, and hence adversely affects the future. Past is destiny, done. And future is your freedom. In our teachings, we have karma and purushratha - what you need to do is - See the past as destiny, the future as free will, and live in the present moment. Or make the past as free will, the future as destiny, and crib in the present moment! (Audience laughs)
Q: What is the rule to be reborn? Who maintains records of all human beings? Why don’t we remember anything about our non-physical form?
Sri Sri: It is not very difficult to know. You can do the eternity process and you could know.
Q: What’s the role of pain and suffering in life?
Sri Sri: Pain is unavoidable, but suffering is optional
Q: What are the three main things which have led to the success of the ‘Art of Living’?
Sri Sri: Sincerity of purpose, inclusive attitude (all inclusiveness, no one is outside of us, sense of belongingness), and God’s grace!

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