Thursday, October 27, 2011

Q. My mental state is very negative; doubt everything in my life.

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Q: I am 26 year old IT professional. I have never lived to myself so far in life. Throughout my life, I have always thought so much even on the useless tiniest things and haven’t converted them to actions. So, I have started living in my thoughts only, good or bad. I have never felt comfortable in that situation and I could feel some part of my mind working detached from myself which is painful every moment. I don’t remember if I have lived my life freely even as a child anytime. Due to this I have developed some incurable skin diseases (According to allopathic doctors) which cause problems public ally and ultimately putting more stress. My mental state is very negative; doubt everything in my life. I luckily got to AOL basic course 9 months back and felt great. Following the kriya almost regularly. I am going for Yes++ advance starting Jun 18. Please guide me.
Sri Sri: You are on the right track… Keep moving! Remember the intellect always doubts the positive. Sadhana, Seva and Satsang is the best formula to get out of sticky situations in life, and not get into them in the first place as well!

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