Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Q: Who are you and what your mission is?

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Q: Who are you and what your mission is?
Sri Sri: I will give this question back to you and that’s my mission to put this question back to you, “Who are you?” Who you think you are and what you want your mission to be? And the journey has begun, the spiritual journey just begins with these two questions and don’t ask others, but ask yourself. Asking others is futile. Whatever the other person is, how is it going to help you? You ask yourself, “who am I and what do I want to do in my life?” It’s a very beautiful question.

Q: Are spirituality and science related?
Sri Sri: Yes, Spirituality is asking ‘who am I?’ and Science is asking ‘What is this? Objective analysis is science and subjective understanding is spirituality. And they go hand in hand. They were never in conflict in the east, because the paradigm was same. Science says understanding follows the experience and then the concept arises. But occidental philosophy says first you believe and then you can get experience in the future, which science wasn’t comfortable with. That’s why science and spirituality was always in conflict in the west, where as it never was in the east because science was always encouraged. It is said in Bhagvat geeta ‘Gyan Vigyana triptatma’, subjective knowledge and the scientific knowledge both should go together, and then only you will find fulfillment.

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