Friday, November 11, 2011

Daily Sutras

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Jai Guru Dev Beloved Divine Friends
Charge up!
Do you use a cell phone? If you keep on pressing numbers but there is no SIM 
card inside, will it work? Now if you have the SIM card and no range, will it 
work? If the range and SIM card are there, but no charge, will it work? Sadhana 
is the SIM card, range is faith. If you pray and claim that God didn’t hear, you 
don’t have a SIM card. No prayer will work. The charge is satsang. Temples and 
Gurudwaras are places to charge up.
What to do to always be happy? First, drop the feverishness to hold onto ALWAYS 
and you will find yourself happy. And then, if some moments of 

unpleasantness creep into life, accept that also.
The Permanent truth!
One thing we need to remember is that the whole story will be finished here! All 
of us will be gone! We will all go under ground. Life will come to an end, 
right? If we look back and see so many people we once knew are now gone. Those 
who were with us, they are all finished. More will go. Everybody will go and one 
day we will also be gone. This is the permanent truth, the definite truth in 
The journey begins!
The guru makes the abstract more real and what you thought as solid appears to 
be more unreal. Sensitivity and subtlety dawns. Perception of love, not as an 
emotion, but as the substratum of existence becomes evident. The formless spirit 
shines through every form in creation and the mystery of life deepens, 
shattering the atheism. Then the journey begins! 

Waking up to the reality. Knowing of this ’I’ can lead to a state of devotion, 
of love. It is spontaneous. There is no need of surrender because it is already 
there. It does not have to mean a painful part of the ego. It is knowing that 
everything belongs to the divine, the thorn as well as the roses belong to the 
divine. What happens when you surrender? A permanent peace dawns in you, a smile 
that no one can take away from you.

With Warm Regards

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