Sunday, November 6, 2011

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Loyalty

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Loyalty is the way in which a mature and integrated mind behaves. Loyalty
indicates undivided wholeness of consciousness and shows richness of the mind.
When the mind is not integrated it is feverish, disloyal and opportunistic.
Disloyalty comes out of opportunism. Opportunism is short-sightedness of one's
destiny. Integrity or wholeness is essential to be healthy. A divided mind will
gradually lead to schizophrenia and other physical and mental disorders. Loyalty
is a real strength and will have the support of nature in the long run.

Fear and ambitions are impediments to loyalty. Loyalty is needed both in the
material and spiritual plane. Either to destroy, create or maintain any
institution, group or society, loyalty is essential.

Loyalty means believing in the continuity of commitment. Honouring commitment is
loyalty. It takes you beyond the duality of craving and aversion.

Responsibility, dedication, commitment are the limbs of loyalty.

A loyal mind is a 'yes'-mind. The purpose of asking questions is to get an
answer. The purpose of all answers is to create a ...'yes'.... 'Yes' is an
acknowledgement of knowledge. The 'yes'-mind is a quiet, holistic and joyful
mind. The 'no'-mind is a agitated, doubting and miserable mind. Loyalty begins
with a 'yes'-mind and starts to perish with a 'no'-mind.
- Sri Sri

|| Jai Gurudev ||

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