Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Knowledge Sheet: Winning Or Loosing Is Irrelevant

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After the Satsang a small group of about 150 people met with Guruji and were playing with the words and arguing with him and telling him how mean he is that he doesn't spend much time with them and yet has stolen their hearts. Guruji kept winning by twisting their arguments and people laughed like anything.
Guruji: Whether you win or lose an argument with me you are still laughing. Why?
Because there is total sense of belongingness. When there is a total sense of belongingness, real play happens. Winning or losing is irrelevant.
Normally what happens to you when you lose an argument? You are sad and upset, hurt and angry. But when you lose or win an argument with me you are still happy. How come?
1. There is a sense of belongingness.
2. Your love stands out and everything else becomes secondary. Like perfection, comfort,
desires, etc. Isn't it?
3. Your ability to put the "Being" before the happening.
4. And your confidence in the ultimate good.
Can you have this same attitude with everyone?

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

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