Sunday, November 6, 2011

Q: How do I know when should I listen to my heart, and head?

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Q: I am 23 years old. How do I know when should I listen to my heart, and head?
Sri Sri: For work, use your head; for seva, use your heart. For business, use your head and lock your heart at home!
Q: I feel that spirituality, and politics have separated in today’s world. How will the two meet?
Sri Sri: Spiritualize politics. We must also encourage spiritual people to take an interest in politics. They shouldn’t think that it is dirty, and for corrupt people.

Any post – a minister’s, chief minister’s or an officer’s post – is to serve others, not to enjoy your life. You get the post so that you can serve the citizens. It should be treated like seva. You have to neither hold on to it nor run away from it.

Leaving a rank is not about leaving prestige or position. This should be understood. Politics is supposed to be an important limb in the administration of a country. In ancient times, kings, and ministers used to take a keen interest in spirituality. Those who were not spiritual, were unable to support society’s progress.

Leaders should have five types of qualities: satya-darshi (truthful), sam-darshi (equanimous), priya-darshi (pleasant), paar-darshi (transparent) and door-darshi (visionary). Then the country can progress.”

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