Monday, November 7, 2011

Q: How much power is there in imagination?

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Q: How much power is there in imagination?
Sri Sri: Well, there is a story.
Once, Mulla Nasruddin imagines that he is dead. He was so convinced that he is dead, that if someone asked him to sign a paper he would say: ‘How can a dead man sign a paper?’
If someone asked him a question, Mulla would say: ‘How can you ask a dead person a question?’
If someone called him on the phone, he would say: ‘Hello who’s this? Mulla Nasruddin is dead!’

This went on for months and years. His wife was fed up. She couldn’t live with him anymore.
On someone’s suggestion, she took him to a psychiatrist.

Mulla Nasruddin told the doctor: ‘All these people don’t believe that this (pointing to himself) is a dead body.’
The doctor asked Mulla Nasruddin: ‘What are the signs of a dead body? Blood is not there, the
heart doesn’t pound….’
Mulla Nasruddin: ‘Yes, you’re correct!

The doctor thought to himself: ‘I found a way to cure him.’
He took a pin and pricked Mulla Nasruddin. ‘Look, blood is here!’ the doctor told his patient. Mulla Nasruddin then said: ‘Ha, ha doctor. Today I discovered that even a corpse bleeds!’
Now you have a proof in me. Re-write your medical books!’

That could be the power of imagination!

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