Sunday, November 6, 2011

Q: How to retain the positive energy of the ashram in the future?

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Q: How to retain the positive energy of the ashram in the future?
Sri Sri: Yes, by meditating everyday, singing and chanting.

Q: What is Guru tatva?
Sri Sri: You have a question, you want an answer. Wherever the answer comes from - that is Guru tatva.

Q: In our society, the people who break the laws are considered to be heroes, and those who follow the laws, are thought to be fools. When can we expect a change in this?
Sri Sri: Change is happening, and it will continue to happen. Don’t worry. Change will happen.

Q: If something bad is happening, what do we do about that?
Sri Sri: First, you accept that something bad is happening, and then realize that you want to stop the wrong from happening. The wrong will stop at the right time.

Q: When we are entangled and cry out for the Divine, will the Divine come to help us? What should we do when we are in fear?
Sri Sri: Tell me, what is your experience? Is the Divine doing His duty properly? These questions are irrelevant. When you need help, the cry for help is spontaneous. You can’t plan what you will do when you’re in crisis.

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