Monday, November 7, 2011

Q: We lost a 33-year-old son last January. How to overcome the grief?

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Q: We lost a 33-year-old son last January. How to overcome the grief?
Sri Sri: There are four ways:
1. Know that you have the strength. The problem has come, the grief has come. You can’t do anything about it.
2. Realise that every one is going to die one day. Everybody here will go under the soil. It will all happen in the next 100 years. Someone has gone earlier.
3. Look at those who have greater troubles than you. When we see people who have greater difficulties, and start serving them: our problems will disappear. See what is happening in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.
In Iraq, the plane will land in circles. If it lands in a straight line, it can be targeted and shot. The amount of fear that people have …..
People in Sri Lanka don’t even know if they’re coming back, once they leave for their jobs in the morning. If you are a Tamilian, they will whisk you away.
When you see the bigger problems on the planet, then yours will become small.
4. The Divine is with you. Offer your problems to the divinity and relax. We must have that confidence.
If we are calm, then we can spread peace.
If we are happy, then we can radiate and spread happiness.
Today, Maoists have attacked 13 places in India. They are misguided people who believe in violence. That’s unfortunate.
That’s why spiritual education and knowledge is so essential. It is so needed. We all have to encourage our youngsters to join the Non-Aggression Programme (The NAP – taught by the Art of Living). It is so big in Europe and many countries. Children are so aggressive. They need to be taught to calm the kind. This job, we have to do.

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