Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Daily Sutras - 12/20/11

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Jai Guru Dev Beloved Divine Friends -

Divinity permeates everything in this Earth. Puja is not complete without honoring the trees, mountains, rivers, Earth and the people living on the Earth. Honoring everyone is Dakshina. Da means to give and Dakshina means giving something that will cleanse us of all impurities. Offering with which all your sins vanish. No puja is complete without Dakshina. When we act in society with skill and free from the distortions of the mind, all negative tendencies like anger, worries, sorrow are destroyed. I will say give your tensions, worries and sorrows as Dakshina

You know there are two types of joy. One type of joy is that you get while getting something. As a child you always wanted to get something. Getting something used to make you happy. But the mature joy is that you get when you give something. When you share, you feel happy. When you see a good movie, you force everybody, ‘It’s a very good movie. You must see it.’ You just feel good because you have seen a good movie and you want your loved ones to experience the same. This joy of sharing is much superior and the world is forgetting that joy of sharing.

Ego & Self confidence
Ego is feeling uncomfortable in the presence of someone else. Self confidence is, feeling at home. Ya? Being natural is antidote to ego, and being natural is so complementary to confidence. It goes with confidence and is inseparable from confidence. When you are confident, you are natural. If you are natural, you are confident.

You take a vision or goal, and offer it to the Divine while working for that – “This is what I want and you know what is best for me. If this or anything better, I am ready to accept.” Sometimes you don’t know what you want. If you know what you want, it is not difficult to get it. Often you find if you are persistent to get something, you don’t want the same thing the next week, the next month or the next year. So, before you make an intention, expand your awareness. Put an intention in the universe - I want this or anything better.

Shiva Tatva
Mind means moods, thoughts, opinions, ideas, all these things that we collect. And, no mind is meditation. Dawn and dusk are considered very good for mediation. So, whenever you meditate, or whenever the bad time is there, you meditate. When you meditate you go off the influence of the mind and go into the self. The self is Shiva tatva. Shiva tatva means, always benevolent, caring, loving, uplifing. That consciousness deep within you which is caring, loving, uplifting and benevolent, will nullify the negative influences of the mind and the time.

With Warm Regards
Lakshmi Narayanan

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