Saturday, December 10, 2011

Daily Sutras

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Jai Guru Dev Beloved Divine Friends -

Two birds
Keep on doing all your work, and while doing your work, know inside you that you
are doing nothing. In the beginning, you sit for some time and experience that
you are doing nothing. Then you will start experiencing that even you are doing
but there is a field in you which is not doing anything. Ancient sages had
beautifully explained this. There are two birds sitting on the same tree. One is
eating and the other is only witnessing this

There is concept of Ardhnarishver – God is neither male nor female. Divine is
half male and half female. Everyone is like that. Nobody is full male or full
female. There are genes of both mother and father within each one of us
In search of your self

The world is running in search of happiness.
The body gets baked, the mind gets baked, the intellect gets deluded but still
we keep on getting stuck in the same repetitive cycle. When you meet Guru, you
come to know that you are the source of happiness. Then the mind calms down, and
you realize that you are the one in whose search you kept on running here and

Every human is pure but filled with dirt. Every human being is like a diamond.
The fact that the diamond is in mud, does not make it mud. You simply have to
pick it up and wash it. And it shines again. The shiny nature of diamond is
always there but covered with mud and slush

Don’t waste your energy thinking too much on past life karmas. Use your energy
to come out of the present problems.‘Om Namah Shivaye’ mantra, pranayama,
Satsang..– All these take care of your previous karmas. Surrender all your sins
and move further in life.

With Warm Regards
Lakshmi Narayanan

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