Monday, December 12, 2011

Give miracles a chance - Sri Sri

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Contentment is the first sign of prosperity.(Refer A sign of prosperity - Sri Sri ) I'll narrate an anecdote. My grandfather was thought to be very simple minded and very liberal hearted. He used to give away everything he owned. If someone said, ``Oh, you have a nice watch,'' he would say, ``Take it'' and readily give it away. So many times he would come home with just a vest (undershirt), jacket, coat and a shawl as he would have given away the rest.
My grandmother was a devotee and from the royal family. My grandfather, with his generous nature, gave away his wealth in a few years time. He gave his three children a good education but nothing else. He died, leaving my aristocratic grandmother with nothing. She didn't have any skills except feeding everybody. Her three children were just teenagers. My grandfather had given away everything in the house, almost like a crazy donor. People commented, ``What is this? He didn't leave anything to the children''.

My father had to walk several miles a day; he supported the family. But my grandmother never lost her serenity or her smile, not even for a single day! She'd just pray and say. ``Everything is in plenty''. Friends would come and say, ``I saw your grandmother, she is so content and happy''. She would never be upset about anything. If she cooked a meal for two persons, and four came, she would feed them all. She would simply say, ``It will come to us. God is giving us everything''. Such strong faith, From the heights of prosperity she went totally down and then totally up. Today we have the whole world for a family. One needs to feel that the world is a family. Then there is no suffering at all.
Give miracles a chance..
Give your devotion a chance to work.

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