Thursday, December 22, 2011

Highlights of Lokpal bill

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The following are some of the highlights of the Lokpal bill that the government will table before the Parliament on Thursday:

* Single legislation conferring constitutional status on Lokpal and Lokayukta

* Lokayukta will be a model law optional for states to adopt

* Lokpal chairperson will be selected by a panel of PM, Lok Sabha Speaker, leader of opposition in LS, CJI or his nominee (Supreme Court judge) and an eminent jurist nominated by President

* 50% reservation for SCs, STs, OBCs, minorities and women among 8 members of Lokpal

* 50% of 8 members will have judicial background and the reservation clause will apply to them too

* Lokpal to receive complaints against ministers, MPs and all government servants. Similar provision relating to Lokayuktas

* Lokpal to function as final appellate authority for grievances relating to delivery of public services

* Complaints against chairperson and members to be sent to President, who can remove them after obtaining the Supreme Court's opinion

* PM and all categories of government servants included within Lokpal's ambit

* Lokpal cannot look into PM's work relating to international relations, external and internal security, maintenance of public order, atomic energy and space

* Complaint of corruption against PM would be subject to in-camera preliminary inquiry by a full bench of Lokpal comprising not less than 75% of its members

* Lokpal will have supervisory control over CBI on investigations into corruption cases referred by it to the agency. Lokpal to have independent inquiry and prosecution wing

* CVC too will supervise the CBI in cases referred by it to the agency

* CBI director to be selected by a panel comprising PM, leader of opposition in Lok Sabha and the CJI or his nominee judge

* All NGOs receiving more than Rs 10 lakh donation per annum from foreign sources will come within the Lokpal's purview

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