Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kiran Bedi: Lokpal Bill may go the Women's bill way (HT)

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Team Anna member Kiran Bedi on Thursday feared that the Lokpal Bill may go the Women's Reservation Bill's way as those in power are comfortable with status quo.

"What you are seeing is nothing unexpected. It may go the Women's Bill way. There is no unity, no consensus on the issue," she said reacting to the opposition from some political parties to the proposed legislation.

Bedi said the bill was hurting those in power. "It appears that statusquo suits those in position and power," she told reporters. "This country needs a national government to deliver. Or else we shall keep sliding back. Can this happen in national interest?," she added.
Criticising the new bill, she said it needs a "wholesale rewrite" or else it shall be one "big liability".

"When did people agitate for Enquiry Pal? Or a Lokpal to vet chargesheets filed by CBI? Or an agency to outsource investigation?" she added.

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