Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Q: Guruji, when I meditate with you here, my experience is rock solid.

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Q: Guruji, when I meditate with you here, my experience is rock solid. Otherwise it goes pretty slow. Can I take this grace home with me, how can I feel you staying with me after this course?
Sri Sri: That’s why I keep coming back and that’s why this hall is been made. Keep coming back until you know. And its gradual growth, it is already there and continues. Even if I am not here you should sometimes come and sit here. Sometimes places and environment can make a difference you know. To have your strong foundation you should keep coming back here. Even if there is no course here, never mind. If you feel your energy is low, down, or something or you just want to have a little kick, to get a kick just go to Montreal ashram and do some seva. Have some food, and rest then there for a while. There are enough chalets here, enough rooms when there is no course. You don’t have to stay in any hotels at that time you should just come. Even if there is nobody, there are always few basic people here, always some food, knowledge and always there will be meditation.

Q: Dear Guruji, how can I live by divine will? My will is pretty strong and seems to over shadow the divine will quite often. Please bless me with your guidance.
Sri Sri: Just relax, when you’re here just relax and just be aware of your craving and your aversions. And see if you’re on this path over a period of time it is already reducing. It reduces and reduces and reduces, isn’t that happening already to you? How many of you feel like that your cravings, your aversions are coming down? So many, that’s good!

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