Friday, December 23, 2011

Transcript of Sri Sri Ashram interaction

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Sri Sri: Jai Gurudev!

Today an incident has taken place. Pitaji, the one who has given me this body, has left his body.

Body coming and leaving is a celebration.after living a complete life he has gone to the source.

we should know that our bodies are going to be destroyed.

There are three qualitites.. in which mind, ego and intellect
He has been always enthusiastic
every one;s life is a story
In his childhood he was born in scientific and learned family

His parents were in Gandhi ji's ashram for 20 years and worked for a India's independence.

At that time Pitaji was 10 years old.

He was studying in an English medium school in Bangalore.

He quit school during the Quit India Movement.

His father expired when he was 16 years ols.

At that tender age, he took care of his family financially.

He used to walk 17km daily.

He used to work and he started a shop which his brother used to manage.

Pitaji's younger brother was very innocent.

He never said anything to his brother about not talking proper care of the shop.

When Bhanu and I were born, he ensured that we always had everything.

He used to tell us new stories everyday.

Every evening when he would come, we would clap hands.

He would serve the poor.

He never bothered about tomorrow.

When the Bangalore International center started, he took care of the ashram.

He would come to the ashram everyday to take care of teh requirements and he would bring vegetables too.

He would travel by bus, even though I would tell him to go by car.

In a village bear the ashram, 100 young girls were being sold.

Pitaji stopped that and taught those girls tailoring.

He has had a enthusiastic and happy life.

I would like all the elderly to live with enthusiasm till their last breath,

Pitaji used to say: there are three kinds of people: VIP, VVIP, and VOC.

VOC: Very ordinary chap.

Pitaji used ot call himself a very ordinary chap.

He was a down to earth person.

Till his last breath he was involved inn service projects.

He never believed in long rituals.

When rituals for the dead would go on for too long, Pitaji would
say that the person performing the rituals for the dead would die.

A few days ago, Pitaji expressed his wish that he wants to depart.

He breathed his last when I landed in Bangalore.

He was so energetic. Even when he would walk, he would walk like an elephant.

He has experienced a wide spectrum.

remembering all his qualities mean that we should imbibe those qualities in us.

He was so deep in faith and commitment.

We need to imbibe all those qualities that he represented and lived all his life.

His sense of humor and humility. He designed a car when we were young.

He was very fond of making a 4 wheeler car in India.

At that time he went to Delhi to get a license.

At that time Maruti car was also getting launched. He tried to get the license for 4 years.

He said OK the government is refusing to give license for 4 wheeler car, so I will take one wheel away.

He made a 3 wheeler vehicle.

There was so much corruption at every step of the way.

i told him, why are you doing all this?

I told him to get into service.

Then he started VISTA India. In Sirsi, 450 km from here he started work.

He has worked in 33 villages and created many groups.

He used to go to these remote villages and take care of those women and children.

I haven't been to that place yet.

His wish was that I should visit the 33 villages where he has worked. I will go there.

Q: What is the most important thing in life?

Sri Sri: Life itself is the most valuable thing.

When we value life, things also get valued.

Q; If everyone goes to heaven then who will serve people?

Sri Sri: I received a funny SMS.

Goto Hell. Because only you can transform hell into heaven.

Hell and heaven are right here. It depends on the state of mind.

Q: How to go beyond happiness and sadness?

Sri Sri: Days of happiness and sadness come and go, but life keeps going on.

between clouds of happiness and sadness, see the sky - that is what we are.

Q: Why wasn't Sudarshan Kriya come earlier?

Sri Sri: The nature knows what is required when and it comes at the right time.

Q; Why doesn't God teach the corrupt people as lesson?

Sri Sri: So that you can do something. When we put in efforts to
fulfill our needs, similarly we need to put in efforts to fulfil the
needs of our country.

Our work is to support dharma.

In Germany, every 2 years, 1.5 lakh people gather at a evangelical church.

They asked me to come and I went.

Everyone loved the program.

They had called me because they knew that people who are seekers will come when they hear my name.

They had kept a ticket.

They wanted people to come and there was a lady moderator, and a
priest. These two were supposed to cut whatever Guruji says and then all
the people who have come to the church will have more respect for the

This was revealed in the newspapers in Germany.

In Indian custom, we always give a lot of respect to the person we invite.

The program was a good one and everyone was interested at the end in Art of Living.

The discussion was such that all the people who came said that this is what we want.

The people over there didn't know how to fight with me, so I already won.

The World is so funny.

If you didn't anything else, people take a religious cause to fight - my God is better than your God.

In the newspapers next day, they wrote that their plan failed.

The plan was of a small group of people.

The world is made of all kinds of people. there are good people too.

What will happen if Chidambaram resigns?

Anna Hazare's team said that we will ask for Chidambaram to resigned. I asked what will happen even if he resigns?

They will replace one pawn with another.

Ask the whole government to resign.

I am telling Ramdev ji also that stop fasting.

you need a lot of energy when you have a big fight.

When you are dealing with sensitive people, it is fine.

Two ladies have arrived from Sirsi where Pitaji implemented project for 350 peple.
They left at 7 in the morning from Sirsi and they have arrived here now.

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