Monday, February 6, 2012

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Senses

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The senses are like fire. Your life is also like fire. In the fire of senses,
whatever you put in burns. If you burn tires, it creates pollution and bad
smell. But if you burn sandalwood, it creates fragrance.

Celebration happens around the bonfire. Grief happens around the fire of
cremation. The same fire that supports life in winter, can also destroy. One
fire, like a ghee lamp, lights your way and purifies. Another fire made of toxic
material creates pollution.

You are also like fire. Are you the fire that creates smoke and pollution or the
flame of camphor which creates light and fragrance? A saint is like a camphor
flame that creates light and the fragrance of love. He is the friend of life.

The fire that creates light and warmth and is useful is of higher quality. The
fire that creates light and a little smoke as well is of medium quality. The
fire that creates darkness and only smoke is of low quality. Learn to
distinguish the different fires. If your senses are engaged in goodness, then
you will create light and fragrance. If engaged in impurity, you create smoke
and darkness. It is samyama that transforms the quality of fire in you. Next
week we will discuss samyama.

- Sri Sri

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

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