Saturday, February 11, 2012

How I did the Advanced Course with Guruji (Posted by: "Aadesh Goyal" )

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How I did the Advanced Course with Guruji

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Would like to share with you a story - I saw Guruji for the first time in
Oct 2000 - this was the first time an Advanced Course happened in Delhi -
until then people used to go either to Rishikesh or Bangalore. And, no, I
had not done the advanced course in October - had just gone to see him in a
Satsang - Guruji was not in the course, he had come for the Satsang.

Something truly amazing happened there - I was completely mesmerized by his
presence. When they announced that one could register for the Advanced
Course with him March 2011 (yes! 5-6 months in advance), I immediately went
to the registration desk and asked to be registered. The guy there smiled at
me and asked the date of my first Advanced Course - seeing me puzzled that
one had to do a normal advanced course before qualifying to do one with
Guruji! Yes, that's the way it was.

So charged up was I that I asked him to register me for both. He asked me
the date of my Basic Course, and I told him that I had not done it so far.
He laughed and told me to do that first. Despite my pleading, nothing
happened - he said he could not register me - but agreed to put my name on
the list. Finally, I did the Basic Course in December, and had to wait for
40 days (as was the rule then) to do the Advanced Course in early February
and then finally the Advanced Course with Guruji in March.

I did the first two courses only because there was no way they would allow
me to go to Rishikesh without these! Still remember vividly what experienced
in Rishikesh - it was an out of the world experience. We listen to his tapes
most of the time - in the course with him, he is there himself - and he
meets each participant.

Today, someone told me that he has recently done an Advanced Course, and
does it really makes sense to do another one just now! Although Guruji is
always there everywhere, there is something even more magical about being
with him, that too in an Advanced Course. Nowadays, one can do the Advanced
Course with him directly - don't have to wait like we had to.

So don't wait - just go for it - he will be in Delhi from Feb 23 to 26.
Whether it is your first time or 2nd time or 3rd time or nth time, just
jump, go for it. Don't wait for the next opportunity - use this one. Who
knows, you may be able to use the next opportunity too J.

How about sharing your story?

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