Sunday, February 12, 2012

Q: Guruji, for psychosomatic diseases which meditation is good?

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Q: Guruji, for psychosomatic diseases which meditation is good?
Sri Sri: Sudarshan Kriya and Pancha Kosha or Sahaj Samadhi meditation is good.

You are holding that question for so long. ‘Somehow, I have to ask this question.’
Asking questions also becomes a compulsion. Unless you say it out you feel restless.
When you come to the Guru, shed all your questions. You will get the answers to your questions effortlessly even before asking. This is the highest level of conversation.
There was a question in your mind or the question came and disappeared but what knowledge you had to receive you got.
And beyond this also is when there is no concern for knowledge. You are contented just sitting here and the mind is happy.
This is how the Gopis were. When Udava went to give knowledge to the Gopis, they said, 'what knowledge are you giving us? Is everything okay there in Dwarka? We are happy with knowing this much. We have no need for any more knowledge.' But this is one step beyond. Now you don't think, 'I don't need any knowledge.' That will not work. Knowledge has its place; it is also necessary.
Karma has its own place; that too is necessary and interest in society is also necessary; it also has its own place. There should be concern for everyone; that too is important.
This is the art of living - take everything along; social responsibility, integrity, sadhana, satsang, everything.

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