Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Q: Jai Gurudev, what happens when you go to meet politicians ...

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Q: Jai Gurudev, what happens when you go to meet politicians or militants in war zones or conflict areas? Do you talk with them after their invitation or do you make the effort to speak with them. Do they want to hear what you want to tell them? How do you influence nasty and powerful people?
Sri Sri: I tell you, it is easy to transform terrorists. It is easy to transform criminals but with politicians, I am not sure.
It is like, it is easy to wake up someone who is really sleeping, but someone who pretends to be sleeping, you cannot wake them up. But I don’t mean all politicians are bad, but a large chunk of them are insensitive, selfish and they don’t care about people. They don’t think that their sacred duty is to serve people. All that they want to do is to gain power and wealth and to remain in power is their only motive. ‘By hook or by crook, remain in power and don’t bother about what is happening to the people and the nation.’ This attitude is what is bothersome.
That is why I would say, young people, people who have the intention to serve the nation, serve the world, serve the people, should come forward and get into politics. People with ethics and spirituality should get into politics. Don’t hesitate about it. Children of future generations need a better world. They don’t deserve a world which has become a disaster. So you all have this sacred duty to go and vote.
Vote for the un-corrupt and educated. Educated, not in terms of just holding degrees, but one who is compassionate, caring and who has lots of human values. We need to choose such people and make them understand that they are given a position to serve and not to dominate or dictate.

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