Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Q: When we see you in satsang or in Kriya, we feel high..

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Q: When we see you in satsang or in Kriya, we feel high, but how to get that high always?
Sri Sri: Forget about always.
When you take shower, you feel that warmth or coolness. Shower is for sometime only, but that shower keeps you clean the whole day. Isn’t it?
If you say you want to always be in the shower, then you have to be a fish. You can be in the water all the time.
Even a few satsangs and Kriyas that uplift your energy is good. It’s natural in the world. Energy comes in waves, you feel high and then when you go back in market, the level goes down. And then you go and watch a movie, it goes further down. It happens! You know, just watch the faces of people who come out of the movie theatre, they look like zombies. They don’t come with brilliant shining eyes or with a brilliant face or with high energy. They don’t have that high enthusiastic energy. Because of two hours of sitting and watching, they feel so dull and tired. These things happen.
So energy level is never steady. It goes in waves, up and down. And doing all the practices, coming to satsangs, keep it more or less on the high note, okay!
We shouldn’t mind if it goes down sometime, otherwise that becomes another worry, ‘Oh my energy is down.’ Got it? And turn back and see in your own life, how it has been? As you are attending meditations, satsangs, steadily there is certain stability in your energy level too.

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