Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sri Sri: No! Sensations are already there in our body.

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Sri Sri: No! Sensations are already there in our body. Every pleasant thought has a sensation and an unpleasant thought also creates a sensation. So when you observe the sensations, the unpleasant ones disappear and the pleasant ones increase, that is what happens.

Q: Dear Guruji, you said at the Satsang yesterday that we need to soak the knowledge and wisdom into our soul. But in everyday life it can sometimes be confusing which knowledge point to apply to which situation. Please help me with this.
Sri Sri: Just relax, they will all just pop up automatically on their own. Like how once you program the computer, the latest news from CNN pops up like a television channel on your i-pad. You open your i-pad and suddenly the latest news just pops up. In the same way, the knowledge will simply pop up in your consciousness, you simply have to relax.
There is no way to try and remember, and then apply at that moment. At that moment whatever comes to your memory that is what will be there. You can’t plan to get some memory at that particular time, memory is spontaneous.

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