Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where do thoughts arise from in the first place?

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Q: Where do thoughts arise from in the first place?
Sri Sri: This is for you to discover. It is an individual discovery. It is like asking me how the food tastes.
If you ask someone, ‘how sweet is this dish?’, you have to taste it.
So, if you want to know where the thoughts arise, you better discover it. Thoughts are arising in you? So, you can discover it. The very process of discovery is a technique to understand another level of existence.
Q: Dear Guruji, I have a question that keeps coming to my mind. We are in the Milky Way. Like this, there are many constellations. Are people living there? Are there possibilities to be born in any of these constellations? Can you share your experience in this?
Sri Sri: Well, I know there are many galaxies but I know very little about them. We can get a glimpse of them but that we cannot prove. If you ask me to prove it to you, I cannot prove. But, I can tell you there are many galaxies, where life is there. This much, a little bit only I know.
I am not in the habit of speaking things which I do not know, or I know only very little about.
So, this comes under the category of ‘I know very little about.’

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