Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Will you please introduce an Ayurveda course for allopathic doctors

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Q: Guruji, will you please introduce an Ayurveda course for allopathic doctors like me who are very much interested in holistic medicines. We need a certified course with theoretical and practical knowledge to practice Ayurveda.
Sri Sri: Definitely! We have the best Ayurvedic College in India and last year the first five distinctions came to our college.
This year in 2011, we just inaugurated one of the best Ayurvedic hospitals.
Anybody here wanting to get your dental treatment done, you are welcome to come to the Bangalore Ashram. We have ancient techniques where the tooth is taken out without pain, anesthesia, and not a drop of blood will come. It is something startling. Similarly for piles, usually in allopathy the re-occurrence is 60%, but with Ksharasutra (an ancient Ayurvedic technique), the re-occurrence it is 0.1%. It is cured in 99.9% of the cases. So, there are many such startling techniques in the ancient Ayurveda, and we have one of the best hospitals. The best I can say.
Of course, we spent a lot of money in making it really nice. And we have very good doctors and an Ayurvedic college.
Today we also inaugurated the first building of the University we have opened up in Orissa. So we will have the University as well. My idea was to give the best of East and the best of West to the coming generations.
So if anyone wants to apply to serve at the University can apply or send your kids.
We are starting in India for the first time, Osteopathy. We don’t have Osteopathy in India. So if there are Osteopaths here, we welcome them to the University. They can come as a visiting professor for a few months, or anyone wants to work, they are welcome.
If there are any physiotherapists, they are also welcome.
So this University has got the approval from the Government, and it is a certified University. We will also have Yoga and Naturopathy as part of the Degrees and Diplomas. You can find out all these details from the website:

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