Monday, March 12, 2012

Daily Sutras 3/12/12

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Jai Guru Dev Beloved Divine Friends

You know there are two types of joy. One type of joy is that you get while
getting something. As a child you always wanted to get something. Getting
something used to make you happy. But the mature joy is that you get when you
give something. When you share, you feel happy. When you see a good movie, you
force everybody, ‘It’s a very good movie. You must see it.’ You just feel good
because you have seen a good movie and you want your loved ones to experience
the same. This joy of sharing is much superior and the world is forgetting that
joy of sharing.

'Consider your life as sacred’
Consider your life as sadhana, sacred. When you put efforts, you get some
benefits. Your body is strengthened, your mind is strengthened to some extent,
and you gain skillfulness to some extent. For example, you get skilled in sitar,
computer or exercising with some effort. But these are limited benefits as
compared to the ones that you can have with true relaxation.

Lord Shiva is called Mahakaal. Maha is grand and kaal is time. Lord Shiva is the
field of energy that dissolves in it the effect of time. Time follows some rule.
It has its own rhythm. Sometimes, something desirable happens and at some other
times, something undesirable. Time continues to teach us that opposite values
are complementary.

I am Atma
Our mind feels and perceives differently in the morning than it does in the
evening.The placement of planets also affects the mind. Sometimes faith arises
in the mind, sometimes hatred envelopes the mind. It is natural for different
waves of emotions to rise in the mind.I am separate from all this, I am Atma.
Contemplating on this is the sign of intelligence.

Blame game
Someone blames, you get caught up in this blame game. You stand up and say - I
have the master key and I know which button to press and how people will react
and how things would change. You should have this confidence – the soul, the
spirit in you is the master key. It can turn around the situation, the way you
want it. You should have that faith. It may not happen five times but sixth time
it will happen. It all depends on your conviction and persistence.

With Warm Regards
Lakshmi Narayanan

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