Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Love, peace, tolerance" Sri Sri in Pakistan

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar talks love, peace, tolerance in PakistanPublished: Monday, Mar 12, 2012, 21:07 IST 
Place: LAHORE | Agency: PTI"Love, peace, tolerance" is what Pakistani students shouted for when asked by visiting spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar what he should speak about.Ravi Shankar regaled the audience at the famous Forman Christian College here as he spoke about love, religion and answered a number of questions."You better find another one from about seven billion living souls in the world. Move ahead," was RaviShankar's advice to a Pakistani student who sought his view on him being unable to forget his ex-girlfriend.The answer led to a round of thunderous applause from the audience here.Hundreds of students accorded a warm welcome to Ravi Shankar, who began a three-day private visit to Pakistan with an address at the college in Lahore.The hall was jam-packed an hour before the arrival of Shankar as both students and teachers were eager to listen to him."I am glad to see your enthusiasm. You can do wonders in life with this energy.
Do not lose this enthusiasm," Shankar said after walking onto the stage.He asked the students what they wanted him to speak about. and the hall echoed with shouts of "Love, peace, tolerance".Shankar involved the students in demonstrations to make them understand the power of truth."You tell a lie and lose power over yourself," he said.He told them how to control anger and mood swings and to concentrate on studies.A student asked Shankar to comment on the "worshipping of idols", as it is a common belief in Pakistan that Hindus worship hundreds of gods."Like Allah has 99 names, there are over 1,000 idols but God is not in them. God is one. Hindus also worship one God," Ravi Shankar explained, drawing applause from senior members of the faculty. Have you done your Kriya today ? If not, please do. 

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