Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Q: Guruji, can we get a bhajans CD in your voice?

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Q: Guruji, can we get a bhajans CD in your voice?
Sri Sri: I don’t want to dominate everything.
There are great musicians who sing so well. I want you to listen to their voice.
I do just So Hum and for the rest you listen to the musicians. Of course talks and discourses are also there.
Otherwise it will be bhajans by Guruji, talks by Guruji, everything by Guruji, no!
That is why even Yoga is let by somebody else.
We are all partners; everybody has a role to play. I don’t want to take all the roles. Thought I can play any role. I don’t want to assume all the roles myself.
Then you will say, ‘Guruji, you cook so well, why don’t you cook every day?!’
Sometimes I do cook here but you don’t know when. One of the meals you will get from me.
It is practically impossible to cook in India now. I can’t even enter the kitchen, there is so much rush.
Usually in the olden days, I would go to the kitchen and experiment some new dishes.
At least here I still have that privilege to do that, but in India it is not possible.
You know how much salt we use in India per day? When I am there we use 150 kilos per meal. When I am not there, we use 100 kilos per meal.
Sometimes it goes up to 300 kilos per meal, so you can imagine the amount of food that is cooked and so many people come.

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