Friday, March 23, 2012

Q: Guruji, how do we bring back the trust in the press which has been lost?

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Q: Guruji, how do we bring back the trust in the press which has been lost?
Sri Sri: Put yourself in their shoes. Suppose someone loses trust in you for some wrong or mistake you did and if they hold it against you all the time, would you like it?
I want to give you an example. Nine out of ten diamonds are made in Surat (a city in Gujarat, India). The entire industry is run by people who have not studied beyond High School, but are brilliant businessmen! That doesn't mean you should stop studying!
Remember, when you get less marks, you should know there are other avenues as well - you can become a great sportsperson. If you didn't get good marks once, so what? You will get it the next time.
If you don’t get it for the third or fourth time, become a big sportsman, or a big shot, but never, ever commit suicide. It is a wrong thing.
God has given you this body, this precious gift. We should not destroy it. You must all promise me this!
We should do some breathing, some meditation, some pranayama; this will give you inner strength.
ART Excel, YES+ course and all these courses are there only to help you to cope up with your stress. There is so much demand from your peers, from your school, from parents and when you think about your future you feel insecure. That is why all these courses have been designed.
They help you gain inner strength to move forward with a smile.

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