Friday, March 9, 2012

Q: Guruji, I want to remain neutral, neither positive nor negative.

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Q: Guruji, I want to remain neutral, neither positive nor negative. When I tell my husband, ‘I have no problems with you. You are allowed to do what you wish to do?’ It sounds negative. Is it negative even though I feel good and relieved to feel this way?
Sri Sri: Yes, he may feel that you don’t care for him when you tell him, ‘you can do what you want to do, irrelevant I am happy.’ He may think that this lady doesn’t care for me.
If you are feeling relieved, then that is good. What is there in words?
You said something, then he said something, or someone else said something, it goes on. Leave all this and be care-free. Keep smiling!
Keep your heart clean.
Sometimes some words unwillingly come out of your mouth or sometimes others may say something though they may not mean it. No mother means it when she tells her child to get lost. But sometimes she says, ‘get lost! Don’t disturb me.’
So don’t hang on to the words of people. See beyond the words. I don’t care what people say or talk. This is all entertainment. So these things must be taken lightly.
Time is so precious and life is so much more precious. So we should keep doing good work.
Either you work or you meditate. You work and put your 100% and then sit and meditate.
Don’t take anybody’s words so deep into your heart, except mine. Words of knowledge you should take deep in your heart but not the comments of other people.

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