Saturday, March 10, 2012

Q: If the whole existence is one then do we have a joint account of karma?

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Q: If the whole existence is one then do we have a joint account of karma?
Sri Sri: Yes, there are so many types of karma.
1. Collective karma
2. Karma of the time
3. Karma of a place
4. Karma of a family
5. Karma of an individual
There is individual karma, then you have family karma - what you call DNA. Then comes the karma of a region, state and country. Then there is karma of the time. During the time of World War II, all the people had similar karma and so all over the world there was war.
At another particular time there was recession everywhere.
There are different layers of karma.
That is why Lord Krishna said, ’Gahana Karmano Gatih’. You cannot fathom the depth of karma. Don't try to analyze karma. Just do your duty and move on. Keep moving ahead with love in your heart and with prayer in your heart.
Knowing that this is what it is, you move on beyond that. It is only knowledge which can take you beyond Karma. See, a plane crashed and everyone in the plane died. So all of them who had that karma landed up on the same plane. If one person had the karma to escape from that, he would just walk out of the plane.
A saint from Rishikesh shared with me that he was traveling in a bus with 50 other people. The bus fell into a river. Everyone died, except this saint and a baby. The child clung on to his neck and they escaped. He had the karma to fall into a river, but something saved them. You cannot understand the depth of karma, it is so vast.

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