Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Q: Why does the mind clings on to the negative and not to the positive?

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Q: Why does the mind clings on to the negative and not to the positive?
Sri Sri: Yes, that is its nature.
You give someone ten compliments and one insult, the mind holds on to that insult.
When you become aware of this, a shift happens in you. When you are unaware of this, you get trapped and get carried away by this. But in a good atmosphere with high prana and high energy it doesn’t happen.
The Guru comes to raise the prana level. The prana and energy level raises in the physical presence of the Guru. When the prana level is high, negativity goes down and disappears.
Also by long sustained practice (sadhana) negativity does not touch you. You become so strong and you create the prana wherever you go.
If the glow of the lamp is very high, no wind can blow it away. But if it is small then it can be blown away.
There is a need of ‘Buddha’, ‘Sangha’ and ‘Dharma’.
First you go to Buddha (the enlightened); you sit and meditate with the enlightened. This is equivalent to Sangha, meditating in a group, and then also prana level goes up.
When both are not available, then Dharma, be totally dispassionate, drop everything and be in your ‘self’, in your nature. That also uplifts the prana.
Three options and all three are the same.

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