Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Q: We say that Guru is a Garbage Collector.

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Q: We say that Guru is a Garbage Collector. We give our thoughts, emotions and worries to you. What do you do with it? How are you?
Sri Sri: It is not that Guru is actually a garbage collector. A Guru removes garbage, i.e., ignorance. Now, why are you bothered with how I handle the garbage? Just give it to me and be happy. I know how to process them! How do I appear to you? Fine, isn't it!

Q: Would you consider becoming an advisor of the government if they were more forthcoming?
Sri Sri: Yes, all of you should work together to ensure that such a government is formed. I keep giving advice, but some people don't listen to it immediately, they listen to it later. That's also good.

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