Sunday, May 6, 2012

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Problems? One More!

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Sri Sri: The first solution to the problem is not to have the problem at all.

The second thing is to willingly accept the problem and see it as a challenge.

Third, know that the problem is a boogey man, it is not real.

Fourth, know that nature has provided you the solution even before giving you
the problem. First you met me and then you had a problem (Laughter). When it
snows, there are no bacteria since no herbs to heal you grow in that season. In
the spring, the herbs come first and then the bugs. In the summer, the shade
comes before the summer sun gets strong. So, nature takes good care of you.

Sabya: What if the longing is a problem?

Sri Sri: Longing ripens you. Do not solve all your problems. At least keep one
of them. You need something to munch on - and life goes on...

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

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