Sunday, July 8, 2012

Q: Guruji, is egg vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

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Q: Guruji, is egg vegetarian or non-vegetarian?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Sitting in the satsang and discussing eggs, I do not think that is appropriate.
Drop eggs, talk about the universe (Bramhaand). Here we discuss the body and the universe, not eggs. You can look up in Google on what are the benefits and disadvantages of eggs.
Just yesterday, I heard from a doctor, who has done considerable research that one should gaze at the sun for 10 minutes every day. It is said that our eyes have some unique cells which absorb the solar energy and produces blood in our body. It is something like photosynthesis. By trapping the rays of the sun, plants and trees convert it into chlorophyll.
The same substance from the sun light is absorbed by the blood vessels in our eyes, and converted into blood in our body. It was a very nice presentation. So, to purify blood or increase production, gaze at the sun – this is also what our ancestors used to say!
What is the meaning of Sandhyavandanam? You stand facing the rising sun with water in your hands, and keep gazing at the sun until all the water drips out of your hands. You do this 3 times and that takes around 10 minutes time. Then you chant the Gayatri Mantra while gazing at the sun.
In the same way, do this in the evening as well.
When you look at the sun, energy transmission happens in the body.
It also said that we should take more of raw food, raw vegetables, fruits and juices; these are what one should have. 80% of our food should be raw and 20% should be cooked. And they also gave examples of several people who had brain tumor, cancer, and who got cured just by having raw food for three weeks and sun gazing.
Of course recovery happens with Sudarshan Kriya as well.
Also about cream which we put on our bodies, if you eat those creams, you will die because it has many harmful chemicals. This is the same cream which our body absorbs. It goes into our blood stream directly. So we should never put anything on the skin which we cannot eat.
That is why any cream besides Ayurvedic cream is not worth applying. The ingredients of rat poison are also added into creams, so if it is eaten one would die. When applied to the skin, one dies slowly.
In the earlier days, we used to apply mud-packs, cream (from milk), besan (lentil flour) and turmeric. We used to use all these to keep the skin clean. This is what we should do.
I will look into this. We should develop some more products produced from besan and such things which can also be eaten and applied to the body. I am going to speak to my doctor and prepare such a cream that does not contain any toxins.

Q: Does the awakening of the vivek not make humans sensitive? If yes then why do so many knowledgeable people behave in unwanted ways?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Listen, in this world there are all kinds of people. There are good people, there are mediocre people and there are hopeless people, and you have to manage with everybody. The hopeless will make your resolution stronger, the mediocre will bring out skills from within you, and the good people will keep supporting you.
So you have to manage all these three kinds of people.

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