Monday, October 1, 2012

Q: Can you throw some light on Bhakti Yoga?

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Q: Can you throw some light on Bhakti Yoga?
Sri Sri: If you sit in the Ganga aarti in the evening, you will find everybody singing so beautifully and a wave of devotion. Bhakti yoga is seeing the Divine as mine and oneself as belonging to the Divine, and all that exists belongs to the Divine.

Q: We talk about serving humanity. As a human being I have limited knowledge and based on that I believe in a cause and work for that cause. But if later, down the line, I realize the cause was not worthy, then being a person with limited knowledge haven’t I made this world a worse place than it earlier was? Can we serve the humanity before having perfect knowledge?
Sri Sri: If you wait till you get perfect knowledge, it’s not going to happen. When you do service, you gain merit and that merit helps you to go deep into yourself. So service helps you gain merit, merit takes you deep into sadhna(self-effort and practices) and sadhna makes you come up and do more service. It is all cyclically connected. So it is not going to be complete if any one aspect is missing.
Q: How do I know that the service that I am doing is right?
Sri Sri: You ask the people whom you are serving. If someone doesn’t want to cross the road, don’t drag them on the other side (Laughter follows). Service is that which is needed by the people.
The gentleman continued to ask what if someone wants drugs. 
Sri Sri: Then that is not service in the first place. Don’t call it service if someone wants to kill someone else. You have certain basic human values. Anything that destroys human life is not a service. 
Don’t regret about the past however it has been. You have learnt the lesson. Just accept it and move on, learning from it. 
Gentleman continued to asked that should one act on the best judgment one can make at present. 
Sri Sri: Your consciousness will tell you that it is wrong and you should not do it.

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