Saturday, December 15, 2012

“I am seated here alive and they have declared that I am dead at 92!” :: Sri Sri

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is the new victim of name mix-up (ToI)

    It wasn’t really sitar to his ears when Sri Sri Ravi Shankar learnt that his pictures were used by a couple of news agencies to announce the recent demise of famous musician, and his namesake, Pandit Ravi Shankar. Under most circumstances, Sri Sri is not someone who easily gets into a flap over things, but this oversight has him livid. “I am seated here alive and they have declared that I am dead at 92!” said Sri Sri of the rather incredulous goof-up. 
    His is not an isolated case of a name mix-up resulting in angry outbursts and heartburn. Actress and now Bigg Boss inmate Sana Khan had to deal with a barrage of frenzied 
calls when her namesake, a Cgrade starlet, was caught in a flsh trade racket. 
    She had threatened to sue the media fuming, if it wasn’t bad enough that they had the wrong person, the fact that the controversy she got dragged into was such a sleazy one made it even worse. “I’m sure I’ve lost out on projects during this phase, because people would have blindly believed the reports. I have kept the news away from my mother and don’t want to tell her that I was wrongly accused of being caught in such a racket either,” Sana had lamented in an interview to BT. 
    Ask Bangalore-based pho
tographer Mahesh Bhat if he has found himself in situations, hilarious or outrageous, because of the famous filmmaker he shares a name with, and he says, “Yes, it happens. Sometimes the incidents leave me plain amused, but often, I wonder about their ignorance. I have had mails from professors of Jamia and students from IIT. And once even a researcher from a 24/7 English news channel!” 
    Another instance of a disastrous consequence of a name muddle was when a news reporter went to the then bud
ding actor Imran Khan’s residence armed with a sheet of questions on cricket. Quite obviously, she had mistaken him for the handsome Pathani ex-cricketer on the 
Pakistani team. 

A picture of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar flashed to announce the death of sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar

Celeb name mix-ups can be a matter of life and death 
And, very recently, a venerable American news channel had egg on its face for almost 10 minutes before it realized its howler of having killed Canadian rocker Neil Young, when it was his much older namesake Neil Armstrong, the first man to have walked on moon, who had died. Like actress Sana, who blamed the name mix-up for losing out on assignments, singer Tochi Rainaa, who has rendered hits like Pardesi in Dev.D and Iktara in Wake Up Sid! too met a similar fate when a Bollywood website incorrectly stated that reality show singer Toshi Sabri had sung both these songs. He had said in a chat with BT, “I was unaware of the blunder for three months after Dev.D released. Then, a friend pointed out the mistake to me. I was very depressed because most of the events that were to come to me went to Toshi.” This incident had shaken Tochi so much that he had to be hospitalized for depression. 
    In Shakespeare’s time, things may have been a touch different, but there is apparently a lot in a name. Sometimes, it is a matter of life and death!


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