Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Daily Sutras

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Jai Guru Dev Beloved Divine Friends

Enlightenment is the biggest happiness. Why to go after small happiness when the biggest is there? It is not easy to believe in God. God is there: if you experience this then the mind calms down. Then you find only God is there and I don’t exist

We need to think on these three levels, i.e., responsibilities towards family, towards society and towards the nation. The more responsibilities we take, the more we grow in our abilities and our strength to do work increases

Sometimes, we don’t like things, but if it is a profession, you may have to do it. Don’t go with the mind because the mind sometimes likes and sometimes does not like doing things. If you keep doing your practices, meditation, satsang and service, you can make yourself feel comfortable in any place. We should not have aversion or craving towards anything. That is real Yoga

When the sun is there, then whether the candle is lit or not makes no difference. To realise that all pleasures are just stimuli and that you are more than the stimuli brings freedom

The pleasure of the senses is attained through effort but true happiness lies in the pleasure that is attained through being effortless, the pleasure of meditation. The happiness derived from meditation is many, many times more than the pleasure got from effort

Observation brings wisdom and you need sensitivity to observe. If you are caught up in your own world, you become insensitive to the messages coming to you from those around

With Warm Regards

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