Sunday, April 21, 2013

Daily Sutras- April 21

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Jai Guru Dev Beloved Divine Friends 

Faith means what? Faith is to love something that you have no idea about

Dispassion is that delicate balance that is beyond both joy and sorrow. In dispassion, any great joy can come up and it will not shake you. That is enlightenment. Even if you are offered the heavens, you won’t move an inch from your seat. That is attainment.

Being Compassionate
People who are falling in a pit are actually teaching you something. Just for a ‘pat in the back’ by someone he is talking out some knowledge, its foolishness. But we should be compassionate towards such people. Such a person is a beggar. One, who is fishing for appreciation by delivering knowledge to people, is nothing but a beggar.

Know that
Know that you are needed, you are useful. You have to do something in the world. Know that

Time to think
Forget about what people think about you. Who has time? Everybody is entangled in their own problems, their own mind. They can’t step out of their own mind. Where they have time to think about you

At different stages, different things appear to be beautiful, but beauty is not that object or that thing. Whatever beauty you see here and there is only a projection of your Being. Whenever you have felt a sense of great beauty, that is when you have reached your home, that is when you have been in touch with yourself. Because you are so, so beautiful. That's why something else in the world also looks beautiful to you

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