Sunday, December 22, 2013

Decoding Asuras

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Decoding Asuras 

Navratri Represents Victory of Divine over Demons -All these Demons are within us !!

Mahishasura- Represents Buffalo A symbol of Dullness,Laziness,Inertia
Mahishasura is overpowered by Lion which Represents Vigor,Vitality !!

Shumbh Nishumba - Self doubt & Doubting others,
Chanda Munda-Unreasonable and Stubbornness

Madhu & Kaitabha -Madhu represents honey or Cravings and Aversions 

Raktabija Asura -Which is in the genes or blood-Negativity,Obsession
Dhumralochana - Seeings things with Blurred vision

When the Energy(Shakti) increases in the body through Pranayam,Meditation-All these Negative quality goes and Divinity Dawns 

The 9 days represents 9 months of birth cycle.Meditation,Fasting in these 9 days  helps us to conquer Goodness over Eviil and Both are within us :)

"Snaan Se Tan ki shudhi hoti hai,Dhyan Se Man ki Sudhi hoti hai and Gyan se Bhavnavon ki Shudhi hoti hai "- H.H Sri Sri Ravishankar
Jai Guru Dev

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