Saturday, February 8, 2014

Daily Sutras - 8 Feb

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Jai Guru Dev Beloved Divine Friends 
Divine Love 
Turn every problem into a wonder, every adventure into a joy. And this starts happening inside you with the very glimpse and experience of deep, pure, and divine Love.
When you have someone to please, it keeps you on your toes and you are happier. But if your goal is just to please yourself, depression is sure to follow
Higher Truth
There is something much higher than events, happenings, and this life. There is something much more mystical. Accepting that lifts your eyes from the normal day-to-day routine worldly living, to a truth that is higher
You walk until you come to the ocean. You don't walk or run in the ocean, you float and swim. Like this once you come to the Master, seeking stops, blossoming begins. The Guru Tattva is like a child – innocent, intelligent, dignified, yet humble - all the qualities present in an infant, are the signs of the Guru Tattva. And honoring the Guru Tattva is honoring oneself, it is honoring life itself. 
All of our wanting to do, 'doership', is there to eliminate the tamas or inertia in you. Once inertia is eliminated, then you are in activity. When you are acting, you become a witness to the acting. Then you know you are not doing. Things are happening through you. This is the final level of realization

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