Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gurudev, I have heard that we are enlightened until we realize it. What is the meaning of getting enlightened then? Is it just a realization?

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
Yes, that is why it's called Pratya Bhigya which means Realizing.
See the elephant that is here does not know its power. With great love, he holds your hand with his trunk and pulls you. He doesn’t know that he can break the person’s hand whom he is pulling. For him it’s a play. In the same way, we do not realize our inner potential. We think we are just this body mind complex with a few emotions, some little thoughts, little likes and dislikes. The truth is that we are much beyond these things, and that is why enlightenment is like the peeling of it.
The word enlightenment is used so many times, that is why it is so confusing. Enlightenment is simply the peeling off layers and becoming hollow and empty. Get to that spot where you feel absolute comfort and absolute freedom. That is liberation, that is nirvana, that is self-realization, that is yoga, and that is unity. You can call it by so many names. And too much reading also confuses you about it. That’s why I say be natural, be simple. Read a few words, or a few sentences and let that knowledge sink inside.
Just take the five principles of Yama
1. Ahimsa (non-violence)
2. Satya (truth)
3. Asteya (non stealing)
4. Brahmacharya (celibate)
5. Aparigraha (non-possessiveness)
Even if you take the above five, or just one of the above, let us say Ahimsa. Then see,am I being on the path of Ahimsa? Let me adopt non-violence in my life. Immediately you will see all the tension, and aggression simply dissolves. Your relationships improve.
Then truth: am I truthful to myself? I tell you, if you are honest and truthful to yourself, you will get enormous strength. And when you are strong then anger disappears. Anger comes only when you are feeling weak. When you feel strong then whatever you wish for and what you want, will happen. This confidence will come in you.
Then the five Niyamas
1. Shaucha (cleanliness)
2. Santosha (happiness)
3. Tapas (penance)
4. Swadhyaya (introspection)
5. Ishwara pranidana (surrendering to the divine)
These are so beautiful:
Shaucha: I want to be clean from inside and outside. Whenever you feel dirty from inside, then there is something wrong. So cleanse yourself and do do some pranayama and kriya, and then you will be out of it.
Sadhana gives you so much benefit. You feel clean from inside, you mind gains more focus. All this leads you to joy, SantoshaCome what may, I am not going to lose my happiness. This one determination in you and life changes.

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