Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gurudev, India is growing richer day by day. We are getting technologically strong and we have a global representation but at the same time our culture and spirituality is becoming weak. When we talk to people about spirituality they say it has to be done after 60 years of age. Is there a way to create awareness among the people?

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
We have designed a program for the youth, it is called ‘Youth Empowerment Seminar’. Just tell people to do this ‘Happiness Workshop’ Or the ‘Youth Empowerment Seminar’ and you will see how they enjoy it. It is not for people of 60 years of age. It is for young people who have a hope for a bright future. The program gives them hope, energy and enthusiasm.
One thing I want to tell you. Unfortunately Bangalore has been labeled as the suicide capital of India. The maximum number of suicides has been taking place and it is a shame on all of us. So today, on this Independence day, let us all take a vow to work against suicide.
At The Art of Living, we have created a happiness survey with just eight to nine questions. You should all take this survey and you should also get the people in your neighborhood and on the streets to take this survey. It takes only five minutes to find out if people are happy or not, and if they are not happy why they are not happy.
From this we will make a data bank and we will know the main reason why people are not happy and what we can do to bring them happiness. That responsibility we will all take, you only fill the survey form.
Those who have suicidal tendencies, we will give enroll them into our program. I have seen thousands of youths who have come out of suicidal tendencies around the world after doing our program. And we do it in a more intense way here at Bangalore.
If we do the happiness survey we will know what is the cause of depression, and how we can get them out of it.
As I was coming to Bangalore on the first of this month, a lady came to me and said that her son tried to commit suicide that morning. A young good looking boy of 24 year old. I said, 'Just bring him to the three days happiness program and then you will see that he will be smiling, laughing and completely transformed'.
I tell you that there are millions of such examples. When we have something in our hands by which we can change people’s tendencies of depression and suicidal attitude we must do it. Let us all join together and do the happiness survey.

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